Apostolic authority

The modern church, in its infancy, makes a godaweful amount of mistakes and presumptions.
The teaching of modern churches often equates to "sand castles built on sandbars", which immediately lose all stability once the waters come forth. The latest in my area is a little church called "Old Brooklyn Christan Church".*1 Now before I go forward I have to make a few statements. First off the Pastor is a rather sincere person, that goes out of his way to visit prisoners and nursing homes; he's a very caring individual that does a lot of good, so in no way am I going to be defacing him or saying anything ill of him, I hold him in high esteem. That being said, like most modern evangelicals he doesn't understand ancient context, biblical languages or Greek or Hebrew vernacular; so he is presuming everything from a KJV, a tricky and muddled start for biblical interpretation. Especially knowing the history of the KJV. I'll go into greater details later, diff…

Sexual advances

Weinstein Spacy CK Cosby Allen
The names go on and on in one exposè after another(0). Good. It's about time. Mind you, we're human. I hope to God these people learn their lessons and grow. Some show genuine concern and have admitted their faults, taking full responsibility, like Louis CK(1), while others like Weinstein simply deny all and try to move on, sometimes even accusing the victims of their actions(2).
However, this is a good shift in not only our culture, but humanity as a whole. It wasn't too long ago (circa Hollywood 1930s) that this would simply have been swept under the rug, people paid off, or worse, ignored, which was also known to have happened. As the holy tome has written,
"Nothing is hidden that won’t be exposed. Nor is anything concealed that won’t be made known and brought to the light. Therefore, listen carefully. Those who have will receive more, but as for those who don’t have, even what they seem to have will be taken away from them."

Shared DNA

Man: overlord of creation, ruler of the world and master of the universe, so dictated by God almighty to be numero uno, the boss, king of the hill!!
Or so western theology would have you believe; ironically Not unlike some "master races" that history has been privy to. Do you think it is coincidence that you share DNA with animals, fish and even plants? We have a shared life and existence, that goes down to the DNA level. We are not "masters" of creation, but "caretakers" of it. Scripture has been clear about this; let's examine:
"But ask Behemoth, and he will teach you,
the birds in the sky,
and they will tell you;
or talk to earth, and it will teach you;
the fish of the sea will recount it for you.
Among all these, who hasn’t known
that the Lord’s hand did this?
In whose grasp is the life of every thing, the breath of every person?" Job 12:7-10 CEB
He is trying to teach us that we are weaved from the fabric of creation, yet humankind lor…

The Cowards salvation

It's a dark, dank night, the moon shimmers above just after the evening Autumn shower has cleared.You're pulling the groceries out of the back of your car when a gun presses to your Temple, a low guttural voice speaks into your ear "you better beg for your life, with all you got, or you're dead meat.".
That dark night is your life, the showers, being the troubles of your life, come and go, and you hold onto what you know you can survive on, your groceries.That person in your ear is a Western preacher, making sure you don't go to hell, because after all, fear and desperation are the best tools that Western preaching can put on the scene... Or is it...?
In the ancient faith there's a different understanding of this; you see if self preservation is your goal you're not a good Christian, you're a coward.A coward preserves his life, a good man give it to others out of duty, the best kind give themselves over for love.
The Blessed Theophylact said somethin…

Early church fathers and the nature of Jesus Christ

I hear from Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims and others that "Jesus didn't say he was God, nor did his followers, that was decided at Niceae."
First off, no.
That is an expressly ignorant thing to say and only shows that people are lazy enough not to research.
That's all it is.Here are just a couple of quotes from early church fathers, some first century, showing that they indeed see Jesus as God:
1. Ignatius of Antioch (c. 50–117): For our God, Jesus the Christ, was conceived by Mary according to God’s plan, both from the seed of David and of the Holy Spirit. (Ignatius, Letter to the Ephesians, 18.2. Translation from Michael Holmes, Apostolic Fathers, 197)2. Ignatius (again): Consequently all magic and every kind of spell were dissolved, the ignorance so characteristic of wickedness vanished, and the ancient kingdom was abolished when God appeared in human form to bring the newness of eternal life. (Ibid., 19.3. Holmes, AF, 199)3. Ignatius (again): For our God Jesus Chris…

God's vs Man's view of the bible, and it's dilemma part two

As we established in the last post, modern thinkers have been altering what Christians have always known to be truth, because they can if they do not have anyone to answer to. Let's face it, we have 40,000 denominations; why? Because you're neighbor Bob didn't like what your local Pastor said around the corner, so they are going to "follow God's calling" and create their own branch of the church and show everyone "what is right".
In the last two hundred years (Less actually, but we'll round off) the misconceptions of theology have been creeping into the church through it's many tiered heads. Instead of learning from it's 2,000 years of history, scholarship and faith they have to exert their own ego's to create "new truth" which is little more then recycled bad theology. Bad theology was prevalent in the early days of the church and that hasn't changed through time. I'll highlight a few keys so you can get the idea of…

Get over yourself, and UNITE!!

I'm over the top done with pathetic, whiny little "Doomsday" prophets. Here's the deal, UNITE!
Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Black, White, Asian, EVERYONE!!  Don't whine about what the world is turning into, be the difference! You may not like what Trump is doing, I don't think most do, however this country is based around the unity of the people, not the representative's decision. Now let us come together and support each other for who each one of us is.